Why should you sponsor a conference & awards?

Sponsoring a conference is an excellent way for companies to build brand awareness, network with peers and potential clients, and showcase their products and services. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, sponsoring a conference can be highly advantageous – here are some of the key benefits.

Networking Opportunities

Conferences typically attract people from various industries, including industry thought leaders, senior executives, government officials and other important stakeholders. As a sponsor, you will have many opportunities to network with these influential individuals and engage in discussions about your business and industry. This allows you to broaden your professional network, establish new partnerships, and ultimately grow your business.

Increased Brand Awareness

Sponsoring a conference offers an immense platform to increase brand awareness. Conferences are typically attended by hundreds or even thousands of people, meaning there’s a big audience to which you can showcase your brand. By sponsoring a conference, you can gain visibility, whether through logo placement, advertisements, or presentations. With the right sponsorship package, you can even secure a speaking engagement, allowing you to share your industry insights and expertise.

Generating Leads

One of the key benefits of sponsoring a conference is the opportunity to generate leads. Whether through booth exhibitions or networking, the right sponsorship package can put your company front and centre, giving you the perfect opportunity to promote your products and services. Additionally, you may be able to use the contact information collected during the conference to follow up and make targeted sales pitches to interested prospects.

Building Credibility

Sponsoring a conference is one of the most effective ways of building credibility and establishing your company as a reliable authority in your industry. By associating your brand with a respected conference, you will automatically benefit from the positive associations of that event and create a halo effect for your business. This increased credibility may help in dealing with customers, potential employees, investors or even industrial professionals, as it would depict that you are associated with a good event, thus validating your credentials as a trusted business.

Gathering and Learning Industry Insights

As a sponsor, you will typically have access to all of the conference sessions and events. This means that in addition to networking and promoting your company, you can attend expert panels and discuss the latest trends and insights in your industry. Conference attendees can learn about the latest developments in various industries, discover and explore new technologies, or swap notes with experienced professionals. This, in turn, can help inspire new solutions or introduce novel ideas that can benefit your own company.

Each year, the Women’s Business Conference and Awards offer a great package to sponsors, which can be tweaked to benefit you in the best way that suits your business needs. If you are looking to grow your business through any of the above-listed ways plus be seen as a purpose-led business, then this is the one for you.

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