How being a member of a business organisation can improve your chances of survival and success

Joining a business membership organisation (BMO) can be a valuable investment for any entrepreneur or business owner. There’s a wealth of benefits that come with being part of a BMO, including advocacy, networking opportunities, access to resources and professional development.


Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of joining a BMO is having a voice in policy and advocacy efforts. A BMO typically serves as an advocate for its members, working to advance their interests at the local, regional or national level. This means that BMO members have access to legal and regulatory advice, various research reports and updates on developments in their sector. Being a part of a BMO means you have the opportunity to participate in campaigns, lobbying efforts and other initiatives that can affect policy outcomes positively.

Networking Opportunities

Business membership organizations organize regular networking events where members come together to socialize, share knowledge, and explore new business opportunities. These events provide attendees with opportunities to connect with other professionals, grow their networks, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs or potential clients. Memberships may also offer the opportunity to participate in closed member-only networking events, such as workshops or training programs specifically tailored to your industry or area of business.

Growth Resources

Membership organizations are uniquely positioned to offer quality resources that help businesses grow, improve and expand. BMOs often provide access to education and training platforms, tailored mentorship programs, assistance with business plan development and more. These resources can be immensely helpful for small businesses looking to grow, develop or scale up their ventures. By getting access to such resources, your business may gain a competitive advantage and get a leg up in the market.

Marketing Opportunities

Other benefits of joining a BMO include getting different marketing opportunities specific to your industry. BMOs often feature directories, publications, and websites that highlight their members’ activities, products, and services. Joining one of these organizations also gives you the opportunity to market your own company to a wider audience, whether through keynote presentations, vendor booths at trade shows, or sponsorships of various events. Along with expanding your business reach, these opportunities can increase visibility and improve public perception of your brand.

Professional Development

Finally, being part of a BMO enables you to hone your own leadership, business and management skills. Many organizations offer educational workshops, conferences, and training programs to help members build industry knowledge and develop leadership and soft skills. Through these sessions, members can gain valuable insight into time management tactics, acquire new business and collaborate with other like-minded business owners to further their opportunities.

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