Write an irresistible client attraction message.

Why should I choose your business?

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If you cannot or struggle to answer the question “Why should I choose your business?” it’s time to sit down with paper and pen and create an irresistible client attraction message.

It doesn’t matter which line of business you are in; professional services, manufacturing, retail, or other, if you cannot convince potential clients and customers to choose you, then they will not choose you. It’s that simple.

Why do I need a message?

Let me be straight to the point. You will waste money without a sales message that will convince your prospects to choose you in a few words. Printed and digital media, both online and offline, as a marketing exercise will more than likely not bring you the results you are looking for. So how can that change? You need to have your message right to attract and convert the right clients.

We live in the age of knowledge and technology where it’s not enough to anymore put a sign above the door or in the window. People do more research on where, how and who they spend their money and let’s face it, they are also more likely to move on rather than stay loyal. How do we obtain new clients? It’s in your message.

What is your message?

It’s rare these days to come up with a brand new idea that no one has ever thought about. Look around us. We have so much in this life that 40 years ago didn’t exist. That is why it’s so important to get your message right. Yes, others are doing the same or similar to you, so you must stand out as the only choice above the rest.

Let’s think about Coca Cola for example. There are many soft drinks companies out there for people to choose from. They all provide us with the same or similar functions. They bring us joy by drinking and quench our thirst. So why is Coca-Cola such a large household brand name and a leading choice of soft drink for decades? It’s their message.

In one sentence, you should be able to explain why a prospect should choose your services or products over your competitors. Once this message is prepared and presented in a way that appeals to your prospects, you will see a difference in your results in marketing and sales conversions.

How do I write an irresistible message?

The number one rule for writing an irresistible message that will boost the attraction of new clients and customers: always put your client or customer first!

How does your current message read? Does it talk about the customer or client, or does it talk about you and your business? My top dos and don’t for writing a message to attract new clients:

  • Don’t include how long you have been in business
  • Do include what you are good at
  • Do include who you serve or help
  • Don’t include your credentials or where you graduated
  • Do include the benefit or value you bring to your ideal client
  • Don’t include segments of your resume
  • Do take feedback from your clients on your message
  • Include a hook such as how you provide more value to clients than competitors.

This is an important stage as it is the foundation of your marketing and message that will attract the right clients to your busienss on a steady basis and the cornerstone to your business growth. If you are struggling, reach out for a no-obligation chat at any time.

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