Sarah Eddie

Autism Mother, business mentor & Entrepreneur.


Speaker Profile

“Choose to have it all”

About me:

Autism mother, serial entrepreneur, author, global inspirational speaker and business mentor. 

My mission is to enable and inspire business owners who provide professional services that are stressed, overworked and unhappy with the progress of their business. Overcome your self-limiting fears, challenge toxic work/business culture and stand up to bullies in business.  

Twice nominated for the Business Mother of The Year award with the Women’s Business Club, Sarah brings a unique perspective on finding your freedom to be both the best parent and a successful business owner.  It is her mission to enable business owners to reach their full potential and overcome the internal and external obstacles that face parents who want to build a better life and business without sacrificing ambition, health and well-being. 

My Story

The Beginning

Sarah began from very humble beginnings being the first in her family to graduate from university with a degree. Her career started as an international tax accountant, becoming qualified in US and UK tax & accounting. She travelled the world for work, experiencing different cultures and working in various corporate, SME and private practice roles, including a Big 4 accounting firm. 

The Fear

Sarah had a family to support and a demanding career at a young age. Finding that her children had severe health problems and disabilities, she decided to end her world travels and move to her home town in Scotland. This massive disruption made Sarah homeless and jobless with her two disabled children. Sarah faced an uphill struggle from rock bottom but vowed to give her family the best life possible.

The Transformation

Through facing fears and consistent progress, Sarah landed her dream job in a Big 4 firm where she excelled, found a home and reunited her family. It was not until the demands of raising disabled children and juggling a demanding career left her with an unfair choice – family or career. Sarah chose family and began her own business. S.E. Tax professionals. Following this, Sarah has gone on to build multiple successful businesses.

The Result

CEO of S.E. Tax Professionals, Member of the Women’s Speakers Association, Director of the Scotland Women’s Business Club and author of Voices of the 21 Century Volume 6. Sarah mentors business owners to build a better business without sacrificing their well-being or profits.